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Disney’s High-Speed Railroad Stop That Never Happened

In 2003 Disney played a game of chicken with the state of Florida and Universal Studios that had billions of dollars on the line. Disney won and then in 2004 they lost along with everyone else. New here? Be sure to subscribe! 🔷 My Patreon! ❤ My Disney History Book List! 📚 My Disney Podcast! […]

The Mutoscopes of Walt Disney World

This is a Mutoscope. If you’ve ever popped into the Walt Disney World Railroad Station at Main Street USA, you’ve probably seen them. They make for fun little interactive elements in the park, but beyond that they’re also a real piece of film history. New here? Be sure to subscribe! 🔷 My Patreon! ❤ My […]

Disney’s Failed Sci-Fi Convention: Contact ’96

Conventions at Walt Disney World are nothing new, and today conventions by Disney aren’t out of the ordinary either. However in the mid 1990’s Disney tried their hand at hosting their own Sci-Fi convention called Contact ’96 and it didn’t quite go as well as they had hoped. New here? Be sure to subscribe! 🔷 […]

Birthday Parties at Disney World: Mickey’s Magical Birthday Bash

Today plenty of people head to Walt Disney World in Florida to celebrate their birthday, and they can tailor that experience in a multitude of ways. Did you that in the 1990’s, however, Disney offered official birthday party packages for kids? Here’s the history of Mickey’s Magical Birthday Bash! NOTE: I’m on vacation for the […]

A Quick Thank You

I’m not a fan of long speeches, so I wanted to keep it short. Whether Splashtacular was your first video, or you’ve been here since the Minecraft Disney days, I want to thank you all so much. Without YOU this channel would not be what it is today. It really does warm my heart to […]

Epcot’s Short-Lived Splashtacular

In the fall of 1993 Disney began to transform Epcot in an attempt to breath some new life into the rapidly aging theme park. Some of those changes would go on to be long lasting and remembered elements of Epcot. Others… not so much. Splashtacular at Epcot would ultimately fall into the latter category, and […]

Goosebumps’ Short-Lived Show at Walt Disney World

It is now December and the holidays are right around the corner, and so naturally I think it’s time to talk about Goosebumps! More specifically, we’re going to look at the Goosebumps HorrorLand Fright Show and FunHouse which ran for just one year at Disney-MGM Studios in the late 1990’s! New here? Be sure to […]

Charityland 2018 (Sunday, December 9th at 5pm!)

Who would have though that Avengers: End Game would be the SECOND biggest trailer to drop today? Join us over at Defunctland this Sunday at 5pm ET for a seven hour live stream holiday spectacular, where we’ll be raising money for Give Kids the World Village! Kevin, Disney Dan, and I will be co-hosting as […]

Why Aren’t There More Monorails at Walt Disney World?

The monorail is an iconic part of the Disney experience, and for good reason. However one question I’ve gotten from subscribers many times over the years is “Why stop at the Magic Kingdom and Epcot? Why isn’t there a monorail to Hollywood Studios or the Animal Kingdom or more resorts? Where are all the monorails? […]

What Was The Disney Stop?

When you think of Disney and Main Street, you probably think of the original classic Main Street USA in Disneyland, or perhaps the follow-up version in Orlando Florida. However did you know that for just under a year, on a little known project, we almost got a Disney Main Street in South Carolina? New here? […]