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Top 5 Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Animatronics

Today we’re going to talk about 5 amazing Galaxy’s Edge Animatronics, Plan your next Vacation today with our friends from pixievacations: Today’s featured Animatronics: DJ R3X 8D-J8 Dok-Ondar Hondo Ohnaka Also watch our other Animatronics Series Retired Animatronics 1 Retired Animatronics 2 Retired Animatronics 3 Retired Animatronics 4 Retired Animatronics 5 Abandoned Animatronics

Disney’s Retired Animatronics 5

Today we’re exploring another 5 Disney retired animatronics Today’s Featured Animatronics; World of Motion People Big AL Baby Groot Hopper RX-24 Become a Patreon Today for early video releases

A Disney Marvel: Star Tours

With Galaxy’s Edge opening today, we decided to take a look at the attraction who started it all. So let’s say thanks to Star Tours and take at look why this attraction is a Disney Marvel

A Disney Wonder: Star Tours

We’ve talked about some Disney Disasters before, but Disney Parks have given us dozens of amazing rides and attractions that we can’t help but celebrate. Star Tours is an awesome attraction loved by everyone and it doesn’t matter how many times you ride it, the experience will always be fun and different. That why today […]

Phantom Manor Changes and Comparison

Today we’ll be looking at every change that came to the Phantom Manor after it was refurbished, from Vincent Price’s narration to the new Phantom animatronic! Hope you enjoy! Video Credit: