Yesterworld: 5 Spooky Disney Theme Park Secrets, Stories & Unsolved Mysteries

Exploring the darker side of Disney history with 5 stories of Disneyland Secrets, Myths, Legends and unsolved mysteries, from the Haunted Mansion’s Mysterious Man in Web, to the ‘alleged’ real skeletons within Pirates of the Caribbean, the mysterious Tower of Terror ghosts and more!

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Special Halloween intro theme music by Ryakhovskiy at Zioma Music:


How the 5th Dimension Scene Works – Tower of Terror (Florida)

Are there any "broken" features on rides you know about? from Themepark

Disneyana Fan Club Tower of Terror Backstage Tour…

Disneyland ghosts –

Tower over Terror segment:

That’s a Wrap at Disney’s Hollywood Studios | Great Movie Ride Closes Forever & Constructions Updates – TheTimTracker –

Tower of Terror (best example of effect) – JohnYChen –

SoCal Attractions 360 –

LMG Videos –

Tower of Terror Fear in Every Drop commercial – DisneyParkVideos –

Tower of Terror POV Complete Experience – TheCoasterViews –

Tower of Terror Disney MGM Studios 2006 – Sean and Stef –

Conner Leifert –

Undercover Tourist –

tremaineatdisney –

POV Hollywood Tower Of Terror Ride Disney Hollywood Studios Orlando 1995 – Steve Medlin –

Tower of Terror 2016 – Zara Tan –

Inside The Magic –

Man in Web:

Disney History Institute –

Foxxy Hooves – –

RetroWDW – – –

Disneyland Ghosts:

(For information, but videos were not taken directly from this video) WOWsoAmaze –

Captain Disillusion –

Jack’s Random Box –

Adele shue –

everythingghost –

danloganify –

grefede –

Haunted Mansion Light:

MrDisneyfanman –

Luvrboi17 –

Widenyourworld –

Pirates Skeletons:

Little Bit of Pixie Dust –

LMG Vids –

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