The Failed Disney Mobile Phone Service

Disney is no stranger to dipping their toes into a new venture. Walt himself took the company from animated shorts to features, to live action films, and even to theme parks. Decades later the company would explore everything from retail stores to cruise lines to state fairs. So when the cell phone industry began to explode in the early aughts, it was no surprise that Disney gave it a shot. Enter, Disney Mobile.

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The Register
Disney Scraps UK Mobile Plan (Aug 16 2006)

The New Disney Mobile 3 is coming to stores (Oct 26 2007)

Communications Marketplace Report 2018

Chicago Tribune
Disney phones to target women in Japan (Jan 29 2008)

Lancaster New Era
Disney Mobile: cool and family friendly (Jun 19 2006)

Santa Maria Times
ESPN Mobile gets disconnected (Sep 29 2006)

Southtown Star Sun
Magic Kingdom unsnarls phone mess (Jun 29 2008)

The Boston Globe
Calling all sports fans (Dec 2 2004)

The Desert Sun
Disney to offer cell phones (Apr 6 2006)

The Los Angeles Times
Disney to hang up phone service aimed at families (Sep 28 2007)
Disney Mobile to Sell Phones, Services With Family Focus (Jul 7 2005)

The Orlando Sentinel
Disney pulls plug on cell-phone service (Sep 28 2007)
Disney to launch cell-phone service (Jul 7 2005)

The San Francisco Examiner
BuderEngel and Friends for Disney Mobile (Sep 4 2006)

The Tennessean
Kids can talk and parents can keep track (Oct 1 2007)

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