Racing with the Sun at EPCOT Center: GM’s Sunrayce 1990

GM, having just won the inaugural World Solar Challenge, decided that rather than build another solar-powered car themselves, they’d sponsor three from the US. To find those lucky three cars, they’d hold their own race, named the GM Sunrayce USA, and it all started at EPCOT Center.

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Detroit Free Press
“GM helps students race for the sun” (Mar 14 1989)
“U-M solar car rides rays to top finish” (Jul 20 1990)

Battle Creek Enquirer
“WMU, Jordan College to build solar car” (May 2 1989)

The Kokomo Tribune
“Rose-Hulman students enter sun-powered automobile race” (May 28 1989)

Austin American-Statesmen
“North Texas students aim to travel light in solar-powered car race” (Jul 17 1989)

Lansing State Journal
“Solar Champ blazes way for Sunrayce” (Jul 25 1989)
“Racing on rays” (Jul 10 1990)
“Glowing home” (Jul 19 1990)
“Solar cars blaze trail to finish” (Jul 20 1990)

The Montgomery Adviser
“Solar-Powered Car Cruises Through State” (Jul 27 1989)

The Indianapolis Star
“Sunraycer a forerunner of 21st-century cars” (Aug 6 1989)

Star Tribune
“Some still looking to sun to run future cars” (Sep 24 1989)

Chicago Tribune
“How on trail of solar car” (Dec 17 1989)

Times-Press Recorder
“Sun Luis entered in largest solar-powered vehicle race” (Jul 6 1990)

Journal and Courier
“Solar car field eclipsed by overcast weather” (Jul 14 1990)

The Daily Oklahoman
“OU Team Finishes 16th in Solar Race” (Jul 9 1999)

Tallahassee Democrat
“They hope to race the best under the sun” (Jun 12 1999)

Arizona Republic
“GM’s Sunraycer wins solar-car race” (Nov 7 1987)

The Palm Beach Post
“Solar Car Travels 2,553 Miles Across Australia’s Continent” (Mar 20 1983)

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