Mickey Mouse vs The Rockettes: Disney Summer Magic

In 1985 Disney was looking for new ways to show the world the face of the new and improved Walt Disney Productions. That meant more films, more projects, and more new ideas. As it turned out one of those ideas, set in New York City, would ruffle a few feathers, specifically the feathers of the world famous Rockettes.

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The New York Times
“Disney World Offers Rockettes Summer Jobs” (Jan 17 1985)

The Central New Jersey Home News
“Disney, Rockettes at impasse over Radio City stint” (Jan 17 1985)

The Paducah Sun
“Rockettes give boot to Disney World offer” (Jan 17 1985)

The Paris News
“Disney writes fairy tale for Rockettes” (Feb 03 1985)

The Los Angeles Times
“Rockettes Gotta Dance; Disney Says OK” (Feb 1 1985)
“Mickey and His Friends At Radio City” (Apr 11 1985)

Palm Beach Daily News
“Rockettes Join Disney In Summer Salute To U.S.” (May 11 1985)

The Lincoln Star
“Rockettes join Mickey on Disney Epcot stage” (Jun 09 1985)

The Courier-News
“Producer plans Disney extravaganza to introduce ‘Return to Oz’” (Jun 21 1985)

The New York Daily News
“Rockettes at end of line?” (Jan 27 1985)

The Evening Times
“Rockettes Step Up Fight to Stay on Stage” (Jan 29 1985)

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