Hulk Hogan’s TV Show at Disney World: Thunder in Paradise

We’ve all seen the occasional sitcom episode where the starring family takes a trip to Walt Disney World, but how about the time wrestler Hulk Hogan filmed an entire season of an action series at Walt Disney World? This is the story of Thunder in Paradise.

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Tampa Bay Times
“The Hulk will make Pinellas his TV land” (Feb 24 1993)
“Beach scene nearly set for Hulk of a thespian” (Mar 31 1993)
“Star struck? It’s okay, but stay out of the way” (Apr 12 1993)
“It’s lights, camera, HULK!” (Apr 13 1993)
“Pinellas focuses on film, sports” (Aug 12 1993)
“Hulk won’t be working at home” (Oct 16 1993)

Tampa Tribune
“Hulk Hogan to begin filming TV series” (Feb 24 1993)
“Hulk in paradise” (Apr 23 1993)
“Thundering News” (Aug 09 1993)
“Not Camera Shy” (Sep 13 1993)
“Pinellas loses new Hulk Hogan series” (Nov 10 1993)
“Hulk pins hope on series” (Apr 03 1994)

The Palm Beach Post
“Hulk’s Big Show” (Apr 28 1993)

The Orlando Sentinel
“Orlando makes final round for TV show” (Nov 02 1993)
“Hogan to make ‘Thunder’ at Disney” (Nov 10 1993)
“Hulk in Paradise” (Mar 26 1993)
“Hulkster to be huckster for tourism in Orlando” (Apr 07 1994)
“In Central Florida, Hulk rules!” (Apr 11 1994)
“‘Thunder in Paradise’ strikes out” (Oct 28 1994)

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