How Much Food Does Disney World Sell?

Walt Disney World is big, and a lot of people visit it every day. Those people, like most people, need to eat. That means Disney sells food. Lots and lots of food. This is a video I’ve wanted to make for a while, and thanks to a couple of fact sheets from Disney themselves, I finally can. So let’s jump into some of the numbers when it comes to food and drinks at Walt Disney World.

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Walt Disney World News
Walt Disney World Fun Facts
Walt Disney World Resort Dining Fun Facts

Disney Park Blog
“Disney Feeds Campaign to End Hunger in Central Florida” (11/10/2011)

The Orlando Sentinel
Theme Parks Made Donations (Feb 02 2015)
Disney values corporate role of good citizen (Feb 12 2008)
Disney makes permanent food-giveaway program (Nov 14 1991)

Orlando Business Journal
Orlando homelssness: Disney works to meet local needs (Jun 10 2019)

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