Disney’s Failed Cycling Event: The Tour ‘D’ Fun

Today Walt Disney World is known for more than just its rides and hotels. Over the years it has been home to everything from festivals to weddings to birthday parties to tournaments to even sci-fi conventions. Some of those ideas have lasted the test of time and others not so much. One of those ideas was the Tour D Fun.

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📰The Tampa Tribune
100-mile bike tour makes trek through Polk (Jul 25 1994)
North Florida trek offers small-town perspective (Jun 6 1994)
Area rides let cyclists pedal for a cause (Aug 14 1994)
Pedaling toward Disney (Sep 25 1994)

📰Tampa Bay Times
What’s Ahead (Aug 26 1994)
Cyclists head for Tour D’Fun (Sep 22 1994)
Roads to close for cyclists (Sep 23 1994)
In Character and Tandem (Sep 25 1994)
Disney pulls plug on Tour d’Fun (Aug 23 1995)

The Tour D Fun was the product of a willingness to experiment with events and ideas in order to take this idea of a theme park resort and turn it into something more. It is not a well known slice of Disney World history but it was still an important part of it.

I want to give a special thanks to Kevin Perjurer of Defuntland for helping me find some of the images used in this video and a special thanks to generic royalty-free b-roll because, quite frankly, I couldn’t find any footage of this event anywhere.

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