Disney’s Boardwalk Resort: The Elephant in the Room

Today I want to talk about the elephant in the room when it comes to Disney’s Boardwalk Resort. And I mean the literal elephant in the room. When you enter the main lobby of the hotel and head over to the left, you can see a replica scale model of an elephant building. What is it, and why is it there?

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The Amusement Park: 900 Years of Thrills and Spills, and the Dreamers and Schemers Who Built Them
by Stephen M. Silverman

Marshfield News-Herald
“Colossal pachyderm turns 120” (Aug 12 2001)

“Walkabout: J Mason Kirby – Brooklyn’s Elephant Architect” (Aug 13 2013)

The New York Times
“Coney Island’s Big Elephant” (May 30 1885)

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