Disney’s 100,000 Guest Movie Premiere: Pocahontas

The Lion King, would set box office records and gross nearly $1 billion worldwide. That meant that Disney’s next animated feature, Pocahontas, had some pretty big shoes to fill. So how do you help top one of the greatest films the studio has ever put out? With an unforgettable premiere.

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The Pocahontas premiere, announced at the end of January of 1995, was massive. Marketed as the largest film premiere in history, it was planned to take place outdoors on Central Park’s Great Lawn with over 100,000 guests in attendance in addition to up to 2,500 VIPs. Beyond just a screening of the film it was going to feature stage performances and fireworks. It was a project that took over nine months of planning, and cost Disney millions of dollars.


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“Pols, celebs beat locals for top ‘Pocahontas’ tix” (Jun 09 1995)
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“Your Kid Here” (June 11 1995)
“Lucky few to party with ‘Pocahontas’” (Jun 06 1995)
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“100,000 see #Pocahontas ” (Jun 11 1995)

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