Disneyland’s Fail Parade: Light Magic

In October of 1996, after decades of wowing guests old and young alike, Disneyland said goodbye to the Main Street Electrical Parade. It was a fan favorite, but the parade was showing signs of age and in an increasingly competitive industry it was time to create something new and exciting in order to keep moving forward. That something would be Disneyland’s Light Magic.

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San Bernadino County Sun
“New #Disneyland parade lacks spark” (May 18 1997)

Santa Cruz Sentinel
“Disneyland show debuts” (May 23 1997)

San Francisco Examiner
“Disney redefines the night with Light Magic” (Jun 01 1997)

Los Angeles Times
“Hotel Rates Up 12%” (Feb 12 1998)
“Disney to Turn Off the Lights on Latest Parade” (Oct 15 1997)
“Viewers Less Than Dazzled by Disneyland’s New Show” (May 15 1997)
“Spin Takes on New Meaning in CD Press Kit” (May 15 1997)
“Disneyland’s Light Magic Show Falls on Dark Days” (Oct 15 1997)
“Hercules Is the New Hero at Disneyland” (Jul 05 1997)
“Fiber Optic Firm Alleges Disney Hurt Reputation” (May 13 1998)
“After a Miss, Hit Parade?” (Jun 19 1998)

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