Disney, Burger King, and McDonald’s in the 1990’s

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The Palm Beach Post
“McDonald’s sorry it didn’t let Disney have it their way” (Dec 10 1995)

Orlando Sentinel
“McDonald’s to look more like McDisney” (Mar 18 1998)
“Disney deals may be back with Big Macs” (Apr 11 1996)
“Burger King teams up with Universal” (May 17 1997)
“Disney, Burger Tie-Ins” (Jan 8 1990)

Tampa Bay Times
“Tale of toys and burgers is a sequel” (Nov 21 1995)
“McDonald’s, Disney agree to alliance” (May 24 1996)
“Big Macs to greet 1995 at 95 cents” (Dec 31 1994)

Tallahessee Democrat
“Burger King makes Universal deal” (May 17 1997)

The San Francisco Examiner
“Disney, Burger King team up on ‘Aladdin’” (Feb 27 1992)

The Town Talk
“Burger King takes credit cards” (Jul 09 1993)

The Billings Gazette
“Fast-food firm links with film” (Nov 15 1992)

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