Birthday Parties at Disney World: Mickey’s Magical Birthday Bash

Today plenty of people head to Walt Disney World in Florida to celebrate their birthday, and they can tailor that experience in a multitude of ways. Did you that in the 1990’s, however, Disney offered official birthday party packages for kids? Here’s the history of Mickey’s Magical Birthday Bash!

NOTE: I’m on vacation for the next couple of weeks, so rather than take a few weeks off from videos, I decided to instead record these shorter videos while at Disney World! Hopefully you enjoy them! If you don’t, worry not, as I’ll be returning to my normal video style in just a few weeks. Have a happy and safe new year! -Rob

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The Orlando Sentinel
“Disney-MGM birthday parties can get honorees into parade, out of line” (Jun 7 1994)
“Candles Blown Out” (Feb 26 1996)

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