Why “It’s a Small World” almost didn’t happen #smallworldgiveaway

East meets West it’s a Small World

Today we explore it’s small world History and Facts #smallworldgiveaway

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It’s a small world History and Facts

It was 1960 and Walt had the great idea to offer Disney’s services to any Corporation that was participating in the soon to be “1964 New York World’s Fair”. Many of this companies were looking for the brand new and unique idea that would make them stand out from the rest and Walt knew that he could give it to them.
So he gave them the chance to hire Walt Disney Imagineering to create their pavilions. By doing this, Walt would gain financial support to develop new theme park technology for new Disneyland rides and also for his future plans like Disney World.
Not only that but at the end of the World Fair, all of the attractions created for the world fair could be moved to Disneyland.
So, a team of representatives visited some of the top companies to offer Disney’s services for the fair. And many of this companies knew this was a great chance and they took it.
General Electric sponsored a stage show detailing the evolution of the American household through electric technological advancements and that’s how we got The Carousel of Progress, which was then moved to Disneyland and later Disney World.
Then Ford Motor Company sponsored Ford’s Magic Skyway, a car ride that took guests in Ford cars through natural history dioramas. Sadly, there wasn’t enough room for this ride at Disneyland so it was dismantled and some of its parts were used for other rides.
The dinosaurs were salvaged to become the Primeval World diorama for the Disneyland Railroad, and the Mammoth that the cavemen were attacking was de-furred and placed in the Jungle Cruise at the back of the Elephant Bathing Pool.
The State of Illinois also wanted in, so they sponsored a show in which President Abraham Lincoln would be immortalized as the most amazing Audio-Animatronic figure of its time. And that’s how we got Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln which has a permanent home in Disneyland.
Imagineers had their hands full with this three attractions and were working hard to have them ready on time.
In February of 1963 representatives of Pepsi Cola spoke with Head Imagineer Joe Fowler to ask if Disney was still available to do an attraction for them.

Turns out Pepsi Cola was working with the United Nations agency devoted to children’s welfare to have a pavilion that would provide a “salute to UNICEF and the world’s children” and they didn’t have the slightest idea of what to do.

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