Vintage Disneyland Secrets Tomorrowland Space Man and Space girl

Vintage Disneyland Secrets

Hey guys! We’re back with another Vintage Disneyland episode! This time we’re going to talk about some really special characters that we think have been unfairly forgotten: Spaceman and Space Girl!

Spacegirl and spaceman where two characters that used to walk around Tomorrowland. They were first seen on 1955 and they brought tomorrowland closer to the future for 20 years until their last sighting in the 1970s. They wore special futuristic clothing made of white and silver materials, huge glass helmets, and little oxygen tanks. Space girl also was seen sometimes wearing a special superhero-type cape. These characters were named the symbols of Tomorrowland because they went around promoting a happy and energetic technological future. They used to walk around talking to guests, shaking their hands, taking pictures and even riding on attractions. These characters became so popular that crowds would trail along behind them as they walked! Also, rumors say that sometimes Spaceman would stand in the shadows inside the 2000 leagues under the sea exhibit in the shadowed area where the diving suits where. HE stood there without moving until some guests would come by. Everybody thought her was part of the exhibit until he moved and said hello. People would get scared and laughed, but some parents complained that the children were afraid and supervisors hat to put a stop to it! We’re sure it was really scary! It would be really cool to have them back and give Tomorrowland that retro futuristic feel that Walt always envisioned! That’s it for today! But don’t forget to subscribe, comment or share if you like our videos! See you next time!!

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