Top 5 facts about Indiana Jones at Disneyland (Indiana Jones Ride 2017)

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top 5 facts about indiana jones adventure ride 2017

Today, we’ll take you far away, to a cursed temple where you will have to escape many dangers, with the help of the only man who’s brave enough to face them… Indiana Jones! And so Fastpass Facts bring to you, 5 facts you need to know about Indiana Jones Adventure

-So, you’re walking around the park and you’re in the mood for a faster ride that will take you on an amazing adventure and you decide that the best ride for the job is Indiana Jones Adventure, after all, it’s one of the fastest rides in all of the park right? Well, sorry to break it to you but the ride does not travel at a greater speed than other attractions! In fact, thanks to a motion simulator it only feels like it! We get the impression that we’re moving 65 mph when in reality we’re never going faster than 22 mph! And not only that but also

– And speaking about simulations, do you remember the part when our jeep starts going backward? That’s an illusion too! Whan Imagineers did to create this illusion was to make the motion simulator move in its place while the walls move forward! Want to see how it’s done? Next time you’re in the ride look backward!

– Indiana Jones Adventure is jam packed with interesting things and props. Did you know that there are more than 1300 props, 2000 fake skulls, and 2000 different snakes? There are also over 168,000 square feet of hand-carved surfaces full of hieroglyphics, and actually, the Mercedes vehicle that’s stationed in the ride queue is an actual prop from Raiders of the Lost Ark!

– And speaking about props, did you know that while most animatronics are made like mannequins dressed in costumes, the Indiana Jones figure was modeled fully clothed and made entirely out of rubber? This makes it easier to clean cause instead of having clothes that would need to be washed and pressed, Indiana can be cleaned with a simple scrubbing!

Now, everyone knows that anything related with our friend Indy has to be a great adventure, and this ride is not an exception! Actually it all started when he followed some clues deep into India and discovered ruins that where believed to be the legendary Temple of the Forbidden Eye! When he went in he started noticing some carvings that told the story of the goddess Mara, a powerful ancient deity who promised great treasures to the pure of heart and death to those foolish enough to gaze into its all-seeing eyes! This would be a pretty big warning for anybody, but Indy’s friend Sallah decided that he wasn’t scared so he decided to organize tours, setting up mirrors arranged in a ingenious way so that tourists could avoid looking into the cursed eyes of Mara. He also made a video asking tourists to take heed and avoid looking into the goddess’s eyes! Everything was going as planned until some tourists started to disappear without a trace. Indy went into the temple to investigate but sadly he hasn’t been seen since! So we need to enter the temple and find out what happened to Indy and help him escape! But, spoiler alert! He obviously ends up saving us!

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