Top 5 Disney’s Scariest Animatronics

Disney’s Audio-Animatronics are among the best in the world but sometimes they’re so real that they tend to scare guests. Here are some of the scariest Disney Parks Audio-Animatronics.

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Snow White’s Adventures The Wicked Queen

Snow White’s ride has had many refurbishments over the years. It first opened on 1955 in Disneyland as Snow White and Her Adventures.
As we’ve said before, in early Disney dark rides the guests were meant to take on the role of the protagonist. So of course when the ride opened Snow White was nowhere to be found. And that’s one of the reasons why the ride quickly gained a reputation for being a little spooky. After all, a Snow White ride without Snow White left only dark forests, a vengeful queen seeking her heart, poison apples prepared in grimy dungeons, and spooked woodland creatures.
Then in 1971, Magic Kingdom opened and with it another Snow White ride. It was called “Snow White’s Adventures” and this time, Imagineers decided that they would make the ride deliberately frightening. Again, Snow White was nowhere to be found, instead, loud noises, “jump scares,” sudden crashing sounds, unexpected flashes, and glowing figures coming within inches of the ride vehicle were what this ride was made of.
In this version of the ride, we got to see the Wicked Queen over and over. We also saw the Dwarfs once but that was it.
The horrifying witch appeared in the swamp, racing toward us, her screaming mad laughter paralyzing.
She was also in the Dwarfs’ mine pushing over the supports above us to cause a cave in. Then as we entered the mine’s gem-filled caverns, it seemed that this colorful finale would end some of the tension. But no, the Queen was here again, pushing a gigantic gem from a lofty cavern and down onto up. And with a flash of light… we’ were dead.
The end.
Yep, as you can see this ride was scary. It was so scary that it was eventually closed down for refurbishment in 1994. Still, the ride was opened for more than 20 years! When the ride re-opened it was called “Snow White’s Scary Adventures” in line with the name used for the ride in Disneyland after it’s 1983 refurbishment.
And it was much less scary than the ride that had come before. It was still dark and a bit frightening but at least we survived in the end!

Countdown to Extinction/DINOSAUR The “Carnotaur”

When Animal Kingdom was about to be opened, a team of Imagineers was hard at work on the concept of a land dedicated to dinosaurs. But the cost of the park kept going higher and higher and the company was having some economic problems at this time because of the disastrous opening of EuroDisney and this land was almost cut from the park to instead fund Beastly Kingdom. When this team of Imagineers saw that their land was about to be cut, they made Michael Eisner a deal he couldn’t refuse. They promised they could cheaply double-dip from the technology developed for the brand new Indiana Jones Adventure, simply re-staging the ride as a thrilling prehistoric adventure.
The result was Countdown to Extinction, a wild, off-roading adventure in the very last moments of the Cretaceous where we had to locate an Iguanodon and save it from extinction.
Our problem? One very mean, very terrifying Carnotaur, A really frightening predator with a mean roar, a pair of wild eyes, and a surprisingly fast sprint.
The carnotaurus is loud, ugly, and intense, with three progressively louder, meaner, and bigger animatronic figures.
We encounter this animatronic 4 times. The first time is when the Time Rover’s computer thinks it’s found the Iguanodon, but actually, it’s the Carnotaurus. Here he roars at the riders, but we safely get away.
In the second encounter, lightning flashes to reveal the Carnotaurus. As he runs towards the guests, the Time Rover flees. After turning left and right many times to avoid meteor strikes, the Carnotaurus is encountered again, rearing to its full height and roaring loudly. Luckily, the riders in the Time Rover escape.
The last encounter is just seconds before the killer asteroid hits the Earth. The Carnotaurus lunges at the guests just as they make it through to the present day as the asteroid marks the extinction of the dinosaurs, including the Carnotaurus.

Expedition Everest The “Yeti”

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