Top 5 Disneyland Tips Vol 4 ( disneyland secrets facts )

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We all know that Disneyland is the happiest place on earth and the most magical too, so its full of secret things that not many people know you can do! Thats why fastpass facts brings to you, 5 things you must do whenever you are at Disneyland.
We all love the fireworks, and honestly even if our visit is kind of long, we love to watch them everyday! But if you want a different experience while watching them try to time the fireworks with a ride on the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Check the wait times of the ride and the time of the fireworks and go! It’s an amazing experience riding the mountain while watching the fireworks!
Want to have a delicious snack or meal, while resting and still having fun? Head over to the Golden Horseshoe! It is located in frontierland and its one of the most classic buildings and restaurants in all Disneyland! It’s got multiple fun stage shows that everyone can enjoy while eating a delicious mint chocolate sundae, a Golden Horseshoe Ice Cream Float or a Hot Fudge Sundae!
Surprisingly not many people know this, but when you visit Disneyland going inside Sleeping Beauty’s Castle is a MUST! Walk across the drawbridge and through the castle and turn right! There’s an opening that says Sleeping Beauty Castle! Get it there! you’ll go up some stairs and watch many dioramas showing Sleeping Beauty’s story! If you are unable or not willing to take the stairs you can still watch this walkthrough in a video version. Just ask a cast member and they’ll show you!

Have you ever heard of the Walk in Walt’s Disneyland Footsteps tour? If you haven’t, we’ll tell you about it! It ’s an amazing tour that takes us through the park learning about everything that went into creating Disneyland, as well as the story of the life of Walt himself! The tour includes two classic attractions without doing a line, a private lunch on Main Street U.S.A., a collectible pin, and an exclusive look into Walt’s private apartments or the Dream Suite! That’s amazing right?
And now, for our free souvenir of the week! Go over to the driver of the fire truck on Main Street and ask if you could get a Mickey Mouse Fireman sticker. Also custodians hand out Mickey sweeper stickers! There’s magic everywhere around the park!

That’s if for today, but if you wanna know more tips like these or some facts and secrets, visit, and tell us in the comments what other facts, secrets or tips you’ll like to know! Also, our online store is open! Click on the link to go check it out! And click on the patreon link to see what exclusive content we’re offering over there as a thanks to everyone who is helping us!

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