Top 5 Disneyland magic shop secrets and facts

Everybody knows that Disneyland is the most magical place on Earth. It is full of magic in every single corner, and one of the most magical places is right at the start of Main street! We’re talking about the amazing Main Street Magic Shop! That’s why Fastpass Facts brings to you… 5 secrets you need to know about the Main Street Magic Shop! 

Let’s start at the very beginning when we are entering the shop. Look for an autographed picture that greets you… Do you recognize who it is? That’s right! It’s Steve Martin! The actor, comedian, banjo player and more importantly magician started out working at the Main Street Magic Shop! Since then he has maintained a great relationship with Disneyland. He actually co-hosted the special “Disneyland: The first 50 Magical Years!”, which still plays in the lobby of Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln! If you can go check it out! It’s worth it! 

Now if you’re looking for some Disney related Magic, there’s a really cool display case filled with lots of Disney themed magic tricks, both vintage and modern! Sadly, these particular tricks are not for sale, but it’s so cool to check them out! 

Everybody knows that Harry Houdini was one of the most amazing illusionists ever right? Well, the Magic Shop is completely full of Houdini memorabilia, from posters and newspaper clippings to the very own handcuffs and leg irons that he used while performing!  

And speaking about the coolest magicians, Did you know that almost every cast member in the shop are real magicians? That’s right! Next time you go in, ask one of them if they could show you and they’ll be happy to demonstrate a trick just for you! They’ll even show you some of the best selling tricks in the show like the UFO or the spirit lights. Who knows how they do it… Maybe with a little bit of pixie dust or even using the force! 

Did you know that this shop is one of the few shops managed by a third party vendor and not by Disneyland? Actually, in 2009 a retailer called Houdini’s Magic Shop took over operations to restore the magic of this shop to its full potential! And so, nowadays we can enjoy all the interesting and magical things this amazing shop has to offer! 

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