Top 10 Disneyland facts that makes you an addict

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How to know if you are a disney park addict

Let’s be honest. If you’re here it means that you’re a true Disney addict. But if there’s still a part of you that’s still not sure, FastPass Facts and DisneyFanatic will help you figure it out! 

1. You turn right, there’s a hidden Mickey, you turn left? Hidden Mickey! You look at the clouds and look! There’s a Hidden Mickey. You know you have Disney in your brain if you keep seeing Hidden Mickeys everywhere! 

2. My Disney Experience is an amazing app to use whenever you are in the parks to know which rides to avoid and which rides to run to. But don’t deny that you have found yourself checking the Splash Mountain wait times while sitting at work or at the movies! 

3. When a friend comes to you for advice have you found yourself quoting a Disney movie? Are your playlists full of Disney songs? Do you have the need to give advice to any person that tells you they are going to the park? Are you still not sure that you have an addiction? 

4. Guys if you undertand what AoA, DLR, EMH, MNSSHP, AP, DCA, DTD, MVMCP, WDW, etc mean, sorry, but you are definitely addicted! (Art od Animation, DisneyLand Resort, Extra Magic Hours, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, Annual Passholders, Disney California Adventure, DownTown Disney, Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party, Walt Disney World.) 

5. Have you found yourself tearing up while watching the Wishes Fireworks? I don’t know about you but every time I enter a Disney park the waterworks start! Whether its a visit to a Disney park, a Disney movie, or anything Disney related, you know Disney makes us cry happy tears! 

6. So, the last day of your Disney vacation is coming up and you are already saying things like “Next time we come we need to…” or “We have to do this first on our next visit!” You have already started planning your next Disney vacation before the current one has finished! 

7. Have you ever been walking around and then a smell hits you and it totally takes you back to Main Street? Or you’re near a watery place and BAM! You are riding Pirates of the Caribbean. How about tastes? You are eating a churro and BAM! Disney! 

8. You know your house if full of Disney. From Tinkerbell mugs to Mickey bathroom towels, we can’t get enough Disney magic in our lives! 

9. Don’t lie… You know that even though you don’t know them, you’re angry at the people that are just starting their Disney vacation when yours is already ending. How can they be so happy if your visit os coming to an end?! 

10. The time has come. You’re on Main Street walking towards the end of your trip. It’s your last day at the park and you just want to chain yourself to a lamp post and never let go! But you can’t and so you get to you car and you drive away. But don’t worry, you can start your Disney countdown until your next visit now! 

So, are you convinced yet? Count your points and tell us you score in the comments!

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