5 Facts You Need To Know About Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland

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Ahoy Mateys! We all have a villain inside of us! And some of the most fun villains are pirates! And we know that we all want a pirate’s life!

And so, to bring us a little closer to getting it, fastpass facts brings us 5 facts you need to know about the pirates of the caribbean ride.

Pirates of the caribbean is one of the favorite rides of Disneylanders.
it has had more than 311 million guests since it opened in April 1967.

Actually more people have rode this attraction than any other in Disneyland. Captain Barbossa would be proud!

Just as the haunted mansion, the ride was thought to be a walkthrough kind of ride,
including stores, restaurants and at the end a wax museum!
But when Walt visited the 1964 World Fair he saw all of the technological advances and went crazy!

So working with the imagineers they were able to incorporate the animatronic tech to the wax statues bringing them to life!

$8 million dollars were spent to create this jolly ride. Its almost half of the total cost that was spent creating New Orleans Square, which cost $18 million! That’s a lot of doubloons!

Walt was really excited about this ride, so to get the final approval, the imagineers rigged a chair up to a dolly and pushed him through the attraction at the same speed the boat would go. He loved it! Unfortunately he wasn’t able to ride it when it was ready because he passed away three months before the opening day.

Want to know a creepy secret? Before the ride was open, imagineers weren’t too pleased with the quality of the false skeletons. So what was the solution?
They decided to use real bones! They asked the UCLA medical school for them, and they provided them.

Imagineers positioned the skeletons in the classic poses that we love today. After some time they were replaced with dummies.

But legend has it that one real skull remains! Look for the pirate that is cozily resting on a bed. Do you see the headboard with some bone decorations? Those are real! Creepy right?

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