Yesterworld: Nickelodeon Studios Florida: The Beginning & End of an Era

The rise & fall of the now abandoned Nickelodeon Studios Orlando Florida, the source of 1990’s nostalgia for many.

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Fantastic article by user NintendoPower which was a great source of information for this video-

Special thanks to:
JamesK14JV –
Inside The Magic –
Adam The Woo –

Information Sources:;_1977-1990)

Nickelodeon Studios Florida- 25 Years Of Film

Film footage used:

Weird Al’s “UHF” –

Jumanji –

Titanic –

All That – iTunes

Online Videos used:

Tour of Burbank Nickelodeon studio –
Original 1990 Tour Videos from Nickelodeon Studios –

Nickelodeon Studios – Behind Closed Doors 2012 – INSIDE The Memories ! Adam the woo –

Nickelodeon Animation Studio in 1998 | Inside the Studio | Nick Animation –

Never-Before-Seen ’90s Nickelodeon Studios Commercial (2016) | The Splat –

Nickelodeon Studios Opening Day Celebration first hour only) –

Official 1992 Footage Of The Nickelodeon Time Capsule | The Splat –

Classic Nickelodeon Bumper Collection –

Old Nickelodeon Bumpers –

Nickelodeon Doug Intro –

Double Dare – A Neck-Crunching Course (1988) –

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