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Top 5 Disney- Extinct Disney Animatronic Attractions! The Walt Disney World and Disneyland theme parks are home to many rides and attractions. Disney is known for their impressive audio animatronics but a lot of animatronics that used to be able to be found in the Disney theme parks are now extinct. Many of them being failed Disney Animatronic figures that encountered animatronic malfunctions. Disney’s living character initiative was responsible for the creation of many of these new animatronic figures that are no longer in the Disney Parks including Lucky the Dinosaur at Animal Kingdom, the Luxo Jr. Lamp at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Push the Talking Trashcan at the Magic kingdom and Disneyland.

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Full Original Source Videos Used
►Lucky the Dinosaur at Animal Kingdom
►Chef Remy (Ratatouille)- Living Character Initiative at Epcot

Ratatouille living character animatronic:

►Push The Talking Trash Can at Magic Kingdom

►Luxo Jr- The Pixar Lamp at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Disney MGM Studios)

►Wall-E Animatronic at Disney

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