Top 10 SpectroMagic Secrets- The History, Rise & Fall of a Disney Parade

Top 10 Disney! – SpectroMagic Facts- The History, rise and fall of a Disney Parade. Spectromagic was a nighttime parade that debuted at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World in Oct 1991. This Disney theme park night parade featured all your favorite Disney characters including Mickey Mouse along with the Spectromen who light the parade route for all to enjoy. Jiminy Cricket hosted the parade along with the other Disney characters combined with lights, fibre optics, music and magic; it was truly a moving gallery of lights synced with a movie musical score. Everything you’d expect at a Disney Park.
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Original Source Videos Used
Walt Disney World – Spectromagic Parade – Chernabog Malfunction – Retired Attraction-
SpectroMagic Final Performances-
Disney Main Street Electrical Parade Magic Kingdom Park-
スペクトロマジック・パレード 1994 MK-

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