The History of The Phantom Manor | Disneyland Paris

Our final look at The Haunted Mansion takes us all the way out to Paris, Disneyland Paris that is. To a unique version of the attraction called “The Phantom Manor”. The manor presents an entirely new storyline throughout it. One that we’ll be diving into with this video…

Also a very big thanks to everyone who helped out this Spooktober!
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Music Used:
• TDFP: Haunted Mansion, ‘Graveyard Music’ original release:
• Phantom Manor 20th Anniversary (Soundtrack) – Phantom Canyon Music:
• Phantom Manor | Foyer:
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• Ghostly Music Box:
• Phantom Manor:
• Disneyland Frontierland Area Music Loop (Full, 2012):
• The Haunted Mansion – (10. Load Area Music) – Walt Disney World – Disneyland:
• Haunted Mansion foyer organ extended loop:
• Disneyland Paris Phantom Manor Suite:

Videos Used:
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