The History of The Haunted Mansion Movie (2003)

Today, we’re getting kooky, and we’re getting spooky with 2003’s “The Haunted Mansion”. Taking a look at the backstory behind the movie, and how many of the changes throughout it’s production left us with a very different kind of film.

A very special thanks to Mark from Yesterworld for joining in on the conversion. And a shoutout to Jim Hill who confirmed some of the various information throughout this video.

Jim Hill’s site:

• Twitter:
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Videos used:
• The Haunted Mansion: Behind the Scenes Production BRoll Part 1 of 2:
• The Haunted Mansion: Behind the Scenes Production BRoll Part 2 of 2:
• ‘The Haunted Mansion’ Interview:
• Walt Disney World Inside Out – October 1994:

Songs used:
• The Haunted Mansion – Manipulating The Buyers:
• Mark Mancina – Ghost Ball Chasing Emma:
• Mark Mancina – Sara Passes Out Going To Heaven Vacation At Last:
• Mark Mancina – No Leaving Tonight:
• Mark Mancina – This House Haunts Me:
• Mark Mancina – Entering The House:
• The Haunted Mansion – Complete Score – Disney Logo / Opening Title:
• Buena Vista Street | Area Music Loop (2012 – current):

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