The History of & Changes to The Hall of Presidents | Magic Kingdom

In this video, we’ll be taking a look at Disney’s “Hall of Presidents”. An attraction originally slated as part of their cancelled “Liberty Street” expansion for Disneyland in the late 1960’s. We’ll also be following how exactly the attraction was changed to fit The Magic Kingdom and what all was altered in the years after it’s opening.

The Following is a list of all the different versions of the show:

– 1971 version: (alternatively, you can listen to just the audio:
– 1993 version (w/ Bill Clinton):
– 2001 version (w/ George W. Bush):
– 2009 version (w/ Barack Obama):
– 2017 version (w/ Donald Trump):

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Music Used:

• Hall of Presidents Music:
• Liberty Square Area Loop (2018) – Magic Kingdom:

Videos Used:

• Abraham Lincoln Full Speech in Updated Hall Of Presidents at Walt Disney World 2017, New Voice Actor:
• Barack Obama Joins Hall of Presidents | Walt Disney World:
• Disney World-Hall Of Presidents (Original 1971 Program):
• Disneyland Goes to the New York World’s Fair (Part 2):
• “Hall of Presidents” – Featuring Bill Clinton at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World – 2000:
• Hall of Presidents 2017 with President Donald J. Trump B Roll:
• Hall of Presidents GW Bush 2005:
• Hall of Presidents Show 22 March 1993:
• Rare Footage of WED Creating the Hall of Presidents (1971) –
• Walt Disney talks about Liberty Street:

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