The History of & Changes to Maelstrom (OLD VERSION) | Epcot

EDIT (5/7/2018): I recently redid this video with more information and better narration. Please watch that version instead_ https_//

In honor of Epcot’s “Maelstrom” a Norwegian themed dark-ride that recently closed. I made a tribute video about the rides past and present and also discussed the changes made to the attraction when it was converted into “Frozen Ever After”

Bonus Info_
– Some additional Maelstrom homage’s in the Norway pavilion_ https_//

– Video of the Norway pavilion under construction in 1987_ https_//

– As of September 2017, the polar bear from the ride appears to still be intact and is on property_ https_//

Background Music by Derek & Brandon Fiechter

End screen background photo by RobYeo

Songs Used_

• Nordic Folk Music – Norse Tribe_ https_//
• Icelandic Folk Music – Icelandic Caves_ https_//
• Finnish Folk Music – Forests of Finland_ https_//
• Nordic Folk Music – Viking Tavern_ https_//
• Norwegian Folk Music – Norway_ https_//

Video’s Used_
• A quick walk through of the Frozen Ever After queue at Epcot July 8, 2016_ https_//
• Epcot | The Spirit of Norway Movie | No Crowd Noise!: https_//
• Frozen Ever After – NEW Epcot Disney World Ride POV Ride-Through: https_//
• Frozen Ever After Breaks Down – Disney World_ https_//
• Frozen Ever After low light ride-through POV in Norway Pavilion at Epcot_ https_//
• Frozen Ever After Ride and Meet & Greet construction at EPCOT_ https_//
• Full 3D Audio-Animatronics in Seven Dwarfs Mine Train – Walt Disney World_ https_//
• How a Tesla Coil Works_ https_//
• Maelstrom at Epcot with Nightvision – Norway Boat Ride – Walt Disney World 2013 HD_ https_//
• Maelstrom Boat Ride at Epcot Ultimate Ride Experience – Norway – Walt Disney World_ https_//
• Maelstrom boats from Walt Disney World Epcot being hauled away_ https_//

Articles Referenced_
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