The Evolution of Space Mountain

Today, we’re taking a look at the very first ‘Space Mountain’ attraction Disney opened. We’ll be tracing the story back to it’s origins as a Disneyland dark-ride all the way to it’s final version as The Magic Kingdom’s first thrill ride that opened in 1975.

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Music Used:

• Space Mountain Soundtrack Collection:
• Space Mountain Third Tunnel Ambient Music:
• The Disneyland WEDway Peoplemover Music Collection:
• The instrumental version of RCA’s “Here’s to the Future” theme can be listened/downloaded on this website:
BUT the version with lyrics can be listened to in the “Space Mountain Soundtrack Collection” video I linked above.

Videos Used (in order):

• Space Mountain Opening Ceremony – January 1975 Magic Kingdom:
• DISNEYLAND – Tomorrowland 1967 (part 1):
• DISNEYLAND – Tomorrowland 1967 (part 2):
• Matterhorn Ride Film Old 1970s Disneyland California Hbvideos Cooldisneylandvideos:
• Space Mountain POV Walt Disney World:
• Stargate Sequence – ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ (HD):
• Space Mountain – LIGHTS ON POV:
• Space Mountain Queue, Ride, Exit WalkThrough Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World 2019:
• Home of Future Living – 1980 something…:
• WDW Magic Kingdom Space Mountain Post Show August 2003:
• Space Mountain Post Show Before 2009 Rehab, Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World:
• Space Mountain Post-Show with the New Ending (January 29, 2010):
• Space Mountain Home Movies circa 1978 and 1981:
• [4K] Space Mountain Ride at Magic Kingdom – Walt Disney World:

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