The Differences Between: Disney’s Haunted Mansion

In today’s video, we’re gonna be comparing the two domestic versions of the classic Disney dark-ride The Haunted Mansion.


Song’s Used (in order!):

• Haunted Mansion foyer organ extended loop:
• Future World Soundtrack – Epcot:
• TDFP: Haunted Mansion, ‘Doom Buggy Boarding Music’:
• Spooky Music – The Alchemist’s Tower:
• Creepy Music – Dark Cemetery:
• TDFP: Haunted Mansion, ‘Graveyard Music’ original release:

Video’s Used:

• [HD]Best Low Light 2015 Haunted Mansion Disneyland Full Complete Ridethrough POV:
• Disneyland Showtime 1970:
• The Haunted Mansion (“Prankish Spirits” Part II) Disneyland:
• Walt Disney World Inside Out (Episode 05 – October 1994):
• [4K] 2017 Haunted Mansion ride (Extreme Low Light)_ Disneyland Park – Haunted Dark ride Attraction:
• [4K] Haunted Mansion Ride 2016 – Walt Disney World – Magic Kingdom – Extreme Low Light POV:
• Haunted Mansion (On-Ride Night) Disney World’s Magic Kingdom:
• Haunted Mansion 1991 – – Vintage WDW:
• Haunted Mansion Interactive Queue | Walt Disney World
• Haunted Mansion (On-Ride Night) Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

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