PRH 2019 Update [READ DESC]

Hey kids, Jack again. Apologies in advance for another “blog post” instead of just talking for the update video. Honestly, typing this all out is just a lot quicker than going through the whole rigamaroo of recording and editing a video. Especially since I’m just explaining a few things. Don’t worry, I’ll try and keep this is quick as possible.

First off big thanks to all the new subs we’ve gotten over last year. I believe we actually doubled in size since then so I couldn’t be more happy about that. Your guys’ support and viewership is very much appreciated.

If you’re wondering what happened with some of the new series’ I announced last year I’ll address what’s going on with those; “The Differences Between” is still going. The next video in that series will be on Pirates of the Caribbean (Disneyland & Magic Kingdom) but after that I’ll be taking recommendations on what to cover next. Aiming to have that video out by the end of this month.

However, “obscure attractions” has since been canned. I did the first kind of “pilot episode” for that and didn’t like the way it turned out. Anyways, I’m also planning on rolling all the stuff I would’ve talked about with that series into something else I’ll be starting this year. So, let’s talk about that…

One of the biggest problems this channel has faced is the lack of frequent uploads. I like to put A LOT of time in the “History of” stuff (and to a lesser extent, the “Differences Between” stuff as well). I really want those to be as close as possible to definitive videos on whatever topic I’m covering. But, that can take weeks or months to do, and in the meantime you guys are just scratching your heads waiting for the next video.

My plan to combat this is to make more videos (they just wont be the ones you’re used to). Make no mistake, these won’t be replacing any of the other stuff I normally post, they’re just so I can have more regular uploads.
Plus, there’s a lot of theme park history topics (Disney-related and otherwise) that I’d love to talk about and just can’t because they don’t fit the format I normally use.

If you have any questions about that (or anything else) feel free to leave a comment. I’ll try and answer all the questions and clear everything up.

Alright, I think that’s about everything. Hope you all have a nice day and remember to let everyone in the comments know if you’re a member of the chinchilla gang. Peace out, kiddos. ♡

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