Biggest Disney Animatronic Malfunction! | Expedition Everest Yeti

Here is the top Disney Animatronic Malfunction from one of the biggest Disney Parks E Ticket attraction and Disney ride at Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World. Expedition Everest is home to Disney’s biggest audio animatronic ever built: the Yeti. The Yeti on Expedition Everest has not been working (malfunctioning) for over 10 years now having turned on Disco Yeti. Disney Audio animatronics are a staple of Disney Park attractions. And over the years these figures have gotten more and more impressive, but audio animatronics are complicated robots which do fail from time to time. *** DON”T FORGET TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!*** ► ◄

►Top 10 Disney Animatronic Malfunctions:

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All original full source videos used:

Expedition Everest On-ride Working Yeti A Mode:

Expedition Everest On-Ride 2017 Animal Kingdom Roller Coaster Disney World:
Building a Thrill Ride : Expedition Everest:
D23 Expo Imagineering Panel: Craft of Creativity:
Expedition Everest- Disney’s Animal Kingdom POV Ride:
Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park – Expedition Everest Promo:

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