Defunctland: The Craziest Party Walt Disney Ever Threw

One of the single most important stories in theme park history has nothing to do with a theme park. This is Walt’s Field Day, the Craziest Party Walt Disney Ever Threw.

An Editorial Note on This Production:
This video features many quotes from Walt Disney and his staff, read in the video by actors. Some of these quotes, said decades later, are placed in the story as if they are being said in the moment. This was done in such a way as to not change the meaning or intention of the original quote, but it does alter the context. On a few occasions, a dialogue scene is constructed out of past quotes said at different times. Specifically, Walt most likely did not yell “You commie sons of b—-” immediately after Babbitt’s mocking of him with the megaphone, but Walt did say those words in reference to Babbitt and the protestors.

These quotes, and this video as a whole, would not be possible without the work of hundreds of researchers, journalists, and writers. Below are a few and where you can find more of their work:

Todd James Pierce:

Bob Thomas:

Neal Gabler:

Jake Friedman:

Michael Barrier:

Jim Korkis:

Assets Used:
Construction Wall Photo: Nathan Cone of San Antonio, TX
Camcorder Overlay:

In this episode of Defunctland’s third season, Kevin takes a deep look into Disney Studios as they prepare to release the feature film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and the wild after-party that followed. The closeness of the group of animators is tested when the studio grows too fast, and a difficult strike ensues.

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