Top 7 Disney Myths & Secrets Debunked Pt 2

Disney rides are full of history and secrets but how many of these secrets are just myths. Is what you’ve been told about Walt Disney World in Flordia and Disneyland in California true? Does one of the teacups at Disneyland actually spin faster than the others? Is Cinderella’s Horse secretly hidden on the Carousel at Magic Kingdom? And what’s a basketball court really doing in the Matterhorn. Well, get all the answers to these Disney secrets right here as we count down the Top 7 Disney Myths and Secrets Debunked Part two! DON’T FORGET TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!*** ► ◄


►LAST WEEK’S EPISODE: Top 10 Disney Secrets Illusions & Tricks Explained

►Top 7 Disney Myths & Secrets Debunked

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