Top 10 Disney Fails & Bloopers- Part 7 | 100,000 Subscribers!

Top 10 Disney! Let’s celebrate 100,000 subscribers by taking a look at part 7 of funny Disney bloopers, Disney fails & Disney falls from Disney theme parks around the world from Walt Disney World in Florida, Disneyland in California, Disneyland Paris & Tokyo Disneyland. You’ll find everything from Disney characters falling, Disney show malfunctions, animatronic malfunctions, star wars fails and other disney malfunctions & mishaps. DON’T FORGET TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!*** ► ◄

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Original Source Videos Used
#10- Mickey’s Lift Malfunction- Tokyo Disneyland
4K60P One Man’s Dream II(Tokyo Disneyland):
#9-Donald Spills- Tokyo Disneyland
Donald Duck Falls Minnie oh Minnie:
Donald Duck Falls Castle Stage Show-
#8- Daisy’s Lazy Eye- Disney Live! Tour
Disney Live! Mickey’s Magic Show (4 La magia de Mickey Mouse Truco el cañon):
#7- Parade Push- Disneyland (California)
#273 – Disneyland Parade, malfunction:
#6-Mickey and the Un-Magical Map- Disneyland (California)
Mickey & The Magic Map…Epic Fail:
Mickey and the Magical Map Full Show 1080p:
#5- Muppet Mobile Labs Fail- Epcot (Walt Disney World)
Muppet Mobile Lab 2016:
Muppet Lab Show Fail:
#4-Stormtrooper Face Plant- Disneyland (California)
Live blooper @ Disney…ouch:
Jedi Training 2015:
#3- Hats Away!- Tokyo Disneyland
【TDL】 ミニー・オー!ミニー 2016/07/07 初回 最前列真ん中:
#2- Mickey Mouse Falls- Disneyland Paris
Mickey and the Magician at Disneyland Paris:
Mickey And The Magician – Disneyland Paris 2017:
#1- White Rabbit Falls- Retro Disneyland
DISNEYLAND 1969 Home Movie Tour:–QsL-wY

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