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Top 7 BEST Stage Shows at Walt Disney World!

Top 7 Disney! Live entertainment is a big part of the Disney theme park experience and Walt Disney World has many incredible stage shows at the parks! From Magic Kingdom to Hollywood Studios to Animal Kingdom, these 3 Disney parks are home to 7 of the best large scale live stage shows including the nighttime […]

Top 10 Fastest Thrill Rides & Roller Coasters in Orlando – Disney, Universal & SeaWorld

Top 10 Fastest Rides! Orlando is known as the theme park capital of the world and with Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World and other smaller amusement attractions, there’s plenty of thrill rides and roller coasters. Orlando has quite a few fast rides so while we take a look at some Disney rides, Universal […]

Top 25 Best Festival of Fantasy Parade Secrets! | Disney Parade Floats

Spotlight Series!- Disney’s Festival of Fantasy is the afternoon parade at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. The festival of Fantasy parade is a very impressive but the parade does have some secrets. Did you know that Festival of Fantasy uses many recycled floats from a parade at Tokyo Disneyland, & did you know […]

Top 10 Fantasmic Bloopers, Secrets & Malfunctions | Disney Fail -Fantasmic

Time for a Top 10 Disney countdown! Today we’re taking a look at Fantasmic at the Disneyland Park and Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios, sharing some Fantasmic secrets and counting down the Top 10 Fantasmic Bloopers, Fantasmic Malfunctions and Fantasmic Bloopers from falls to animatronic malfunctions. Fantasmic is a popular nighttime spectacular that originated and […]

Top Disney World Rides vs Disneyland Rides Pt 2 – Tomorrowland

Disney Wolrd Rides vs Disneyland Rides: Tomorrowland. The Magic Kingdom theme park in Walt Disney World and the Disneyland Park in California have a lot of the same Disney rides, but have you ever wondered which park does that ride the best? As we dive into Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland we’ll compare the four rides that […]

Top 10 New Attractions at Walt Disney World in 2019

Top 10 Disney! The ride and attraction lineup at Walt Disney World has been expanding and a lot of new attractions and experiences have been added to the theme parks. Whether its an attraction, show, parade or character meet and greet each Disney World theme park has new experiences in 2019. Whether it’s Lightning McQueen’s […]

Top 10 SpectroMagic Secrets- The History, Rise & Fall of a Disney Parade

Top 10 Disney! – SpectroMagic Facts- The History, rise and fall of a Disney Parade. Spectromagic was a nighttime parade that debuted at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World in Oct 1991. This Disney theme park night parade featured all your favorite Disney characters including Mickey Mouse along with the Spectromen who light the parade […]

Pirates of the Caribbean Lights On, Sound Off- Disney World Breakdown!

Disney Beat! Light and sound play a big role in the dark rides at the Disney Theme Parks. When a Disney ride breaks down and the lights come on and the sound is turned off, it definitely gives you a much different perspective of any classic Disney ride. Looking at a ride breakdown from Pirates […]

Top 10 BEST Twilight Zone Tower of Terror Secrets

Top 10 Disney! At Walt Disney World in Florida at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is one of the popular thrill rides at the resort. This drop tower ride was Disney’s most technilogicaly advanced ride at the time, and like every other Disney ride there’s many small secrets and details that […]

Top 10 New Rides and Attractions at Disneyland in 2019

What’s new at Disneyland? Well, the Disneyland park and Disney California Adventure have many new rides and attractions for you to enjoy summer of 2019, including the return of some old favorites like Disneyland Forever, the Main Street Electrical Parade and Soarin’ Over California. Whether its a ride, attraction, show or parade both Disneyland and […]