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  1. Hi one secert you left out on about tower of terror sense im a cast member and not many others know this but the tower of terror has 14 floors 13 for ride and top floor that you can see a light on in from night time view kinda is our backlot breakroom with pool table and drink machines and couches and to get to it you have to climb the metal stair case from outside on back side or use the cast member elevator which you can see from in boiler room and you can even ask a cast member why cant we go on that one and he will say its for the ghosts only sorry but its not and we are not allowed to use it until tower is closed so it 14 flights of stairs to climb all day long if you get a break also has a bathroom too up there for staff that are working in tower all day now they are allowed to use the elevator during ride times because they are dressed for the ride but only them so ya mickey has to climb lol with head in hands and Marlboro red in the other lol also small tip to do a video on do one on the epcot foreign hat number game which is when new foregin girls and guys come over to work they single cast member guys and girls all drawl numbers to see who gets first dibs and everybody hates getting the Chinese or Japanese because they are such pruds and dont put out now they love the Swedes and then Norwegian also the spanish the guys that get those numbers make side bets on how long it will take to score and how many times in one week they will score the highest number so far is 2 days and 150 times in one week thats like 20 times a night and day and was a swede blondey and a huge drinker and party animal now shes a sex ed teacher back home lol


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