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The President’s Inaugural Bands Parade at EPCOT Center

Epcot at Walt Disney World is a unique theme park with a unique history. Beyond its origins as a planned city of the future, it’s been home to everything from popular festivals to interesting stages shows. It also has the distinction of being a Disney theme park that was home to a presidential inaugural parade. […]

Disney, Burger King, and McDonald’s in the 1990’s

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The Lack of Losing at Walt Disney World (Opinion)

Interactive experiences at the Walt Disney World theme parks are nothing new. Today the parks offer everything from mobile games to help pass the time on lines to interactive quests around the parks to rides themselves that are digital games. No matter where you look, interactivity is growing at Disney. You can’t lose. Literally though, […]

Epcot’s First Festival: WorldFest

While today the park sees more days with a festival than it does without, that wasn’t always the norm. There was a time when the concept was still new, and that was in 1984. As it turned out, Florida locals visiting Walt Disney World didn’t feel the need to revisit Epcot the way they did […]

How Much Would The Cinderella Castle Suite Cost for One Night?

How much is a night at the Cinderella Castle Suite in the Magic Kingdom worth? Some might say that you can’t put a price to the experience. It’s only ever given away as a contest prize or to VIPs as a gift. However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a value to a night at […]

Disney’s 100,000 Guest Movie Premiere: Pocahontas

The Lion King, would set box office records and gross nearly $1 billion worldwide. That meant that Disney’s next animated feature, Pocahontas, had some pretty big shoes to fill. So how do you help top one of the greatest films the studio has ever put out? With an unforgettable premiere. New here? Be sure to […]

Disneyland’s Fail Parade: Light Magic

In October of 1996, after decades of wowing guests old and young alike, Disneyland said goodbye to the Main Street Electrical Parade. It was a fan favorite, but the parade was showing signs of age and in an increasingly competitive industry it was time to create something new and exciting in order to keep moving […]

Mickey and Minnie Moo

In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s Disney found itself in the middle of a small craze when it came to objects and animals with the iconic shape of Mickey Mouse. Most notably it was found on two cows in both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. This is the story of Mickey and Minnie Moo. […]

Disney’s CMO: Chief Magic Official

It was January of 2008 and Disney was in the midst of their Year of a Million Dreams marketing campaign. As the name of the campaign implies, it involved giving away one million dreams (or prizes) over the course of a year. One of them, done in partnership with CareerBuilder was earning the role of […]

Disney’s Failed Cycling Event: The Tour ‘D’ Fun

Today Walt Disney World is known for more than just its rides and hotels. Over the years it has been home to everything from festivals to weddings to birthday parties to tournaments to even sci-fi conventions. Some of those ideas have lasted the test of time and others not so much. One of those ideas […]