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Why isn’t the Matterhorn in Disney World?

Disneyland and Walt Disney World share every mountain except for one, the Matterhorn. Why is that? Well the answer doesn’t just have to do with the Matterhorn, but Space Mountain as well! New here? Be sure to subscribe! 🔷 My Disney Podcast! 🎧 Follow me on Twitter! 📱 (Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)

What Makes a Disney Ride a Classic?

We hear it a lot when Disney news drops: We can’t change this ride because it’s a classic! We can’t replace that ride because it’s a classic. What makes a Disney ride “a classic”, and what does it mean? New here? Be sure to subscribe! 🔷 My Disney Podcast! 🎧 Follow me on Twitter! 📱 […]

What Did a Walt Disney World Trip Cost in 1971?

Disney World is a great vacation spot, but over the years it’s become more and more fair to say that it’s not really a cheap vacation spot. What did a Disney World vacation cost in 1971 though? 🔔This week’s video is sponsored by Ye Olde Proppe Shoppe🔔 New here? Be sure to subscribe! […]

The Time Disney Brought the Main Street Electrical Parade to New York City

The Main Street Electrical Parade is without a doubt a classic staple of the Disney parks. Many fans from all walks of life have fond memories of seeing those iconic floats roll by in Disneyland, Disney World, Tokyo Disneyland, Disneyland Paris, and… Manhattan? Thanks to Emre for the topic suggestion! New here? Be sure to […]

Disney’s 100,000 Guest Movie Premiere: Pocahontas

The Lion King, would set box office records and gross nearly $1 billion worldwide. That meant that Disney’s next animated feature, Pocahontas, had some pretty big shoes to fill. So how do you help top one of the greatest films the studio has ever put out? With an unforgettable premiere. New here? Be sure to […]

What is the Disney Vault?

So what is the Disney vault, is it real, why does Disney put movies in it, and is it a bad idea? The Disney vault I’m talking about today is the name given to the release strategy for their movies on the cinema and home movie market, where a film would be released for a […]

Why is a fish on Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel?

The Swan and Dolphin hotels at Walt Disney World are unique in a number of ways. They’re iconic for their design. Both resorts are adorned with massive statues of their namesake. The swan with its two majestic swans, and the dolphin with… fish? Why are there giant fish statues on the Dolphin hotel? Disney War […]

How Much Would Every Pressed Penny at Disney World Cost?

Earlier this week I made a video about the history of the pressed penny. Towards the end of that video I mention that there are currently over 750 pressed coins in Walt Disney World today. There are 770 to be exact, spread across 204 machines on property. Thinking about that number, I started to wonder […]

What is Walt Disney World’s Electric Bill?

If you’ve ever been to Walt Disney World, then you know first hand just how massive of a resort it is. The land, which is twice the size of Manhattan, is what allowed them to build the 20+ hotels, the 4 theme parks, the water parks, the shopping district, and all of the behind-the-scenes buildings […]

Goosebumps’ Short-Lived Show at Walt Disney World

It is now December and the holidays are right around the corner, and so naturally I think it’s time to talk about Goosebumps! More specifically, we’re going to look at the Goosebumps HorrorLand Fright Show and FunHouse which ran for just one year at Disney-MGM Studios in the late 1990’s! New here? Be sure to […]