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The Magic Kingdom “Poop River”

Poop! In the Magic Kingdom! There’s a river of it, and if you’ve been to Disney World you’ve probably walked over it. Where is this river of poop I speak of? Well it’s in Liberty Square, and it’s not real human poop. Instead, it’s actually a design in the pavement in Liberty Square that’s meant […]

Why was Disney-MGM Studios Renamed?

“It’ll always be MGM Studios to me!” It’s a common phrase we often hear from longtime Disney World fans who remember the days when Disney World’s third park, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, was called Disney-MGM Studios. But why was that it’s name to begin with, and why did it change? New here? Be sure to subscribe! […]

Paradise Pier vs Dinoland USA: Why do I like one and hate the other?

I am not shy about my distaste for Dinoland USA in the Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World. I think it’s a low effort area of the park that falls below the standards I’ve come to expect from Disney and doesn’t inherently feel like a Disney experience. On paper, I feel the same could be […]

Epcot’s Ripple Effect_ How the Opening of EPCOT Center Doomed Two Amusements

The rising tide lifts all boats. The creation of Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida is arguably one example of that. Prior to the resorts opening in 1971, that region of the state simply wasn’t the diverse tourism powerhouse that it is today. So it’s fair to say that there are amusements in that area […]

Charityland 2018 (Sunday, December 9th at 5pm!)

Who would have though that Avengers: End Game would be the SECOND biggest trailer to drop today? Join us over at Defunctland this Sunday at 5pm ET for a seven hour live stream holiday spectacular, where we’ll be raising money for Give Kids the World Village! Kevin, Disney Dan, and I will be co-hosting as […]

Failure of the Go Network: A Two Billion Dollar Mistake

Sometimes ideas go well. Sometimes ideas don’t go so well, but have a happy ending anyway. And sometimes, well sometimes ideas just fail. Such was the case with Disney’s attempt at establishing dominance in the budding world of the internet with What was and why did it fail? New here? Be sure to […]

The Disneyland Monorail Opening: Nixon’s Joyride

Did you know that in 1959, for just a few moments, Vice President Richard Nixon was whisked away from his secret service detail without any planning on the first ever passenger monorail in the US, and it all happened at Disneyland? The Disneyland Story by Sam Gennawey 📚 New here? Be sure to subscribe! 🔷 […]

Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln | Walt Disney at the World’s Fair

This week let’s look at the history of the first full range human animatronic, Mr. Lincoln! He made his debut at the famous 1964-1965 New York World’s Fair. New here? Be sure to subscribe! 🔷 My Disney Podcast! 🎧 Follow me on Twitter! 📱 Follow me on Instagram! 📷 (Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)

How Much Garbage Does Walt Disney World Produce?

Walt Disney World. It’s large and it’s full of people. According to the Reedy Creek Improvement District the area can see as many as 250,000 people a day across the entire property. That’s a lot of people, and people produce garbage and so naturally, that’s also a lot of garbage. But just how much garbage […]

Disneyland’s 25th Anniversary – 25 Hours of Disneyland

For a few years between 2012 and 2015 Disney would hold annual 24-hour-long events at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World. They were a fun way for fans to spend an entire full day at the parks. But did you know there was time Disneyland was open for 25 hours? New here? Be sure to […]