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30 Stays in 30 Days: How Much Would It Cost?

The Bucket List Family are partaking in the 30 Stays in 30 Days challenge with Disney. Over the course of one month they’re spending one night each in all 30 of Walt Disney World resort’s offerings. It sounds like fun and it also sounds expensive, but how expensive? New here? Be sure to subscribe! 🔷 […]

4 Unusual Disney Book Recommendations

I love Disney books. Normally when people suggest Disney books you end up hearing about stuff like Walt’s biography or some of the Disney published books on rides like the Haunted Mansion. On the fiction end the go to people keep bringing up is Kingdom Keepers. However today I want to talk about a few […]

5 Examples of Disney Ride “Sequels”

Originally I was going to take that and make a video posing the question of why we don’t see the attraction equivalent of movie sequels, but then the more I thought about it the more I realized we have. Not direct sequels in the way A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back are sequels, but […]

5 Failed & Abandoned Eisner-Era Disney Ideas

One aspect of Michael Eisner I admire when it comes to his time as Disney CEO was his insistence on brainstorming from all levels of the company.He felt that it was important to foster an environment where people weren’t afraid to voice their ideas. From that ethic came some ideas that changed the Disney company […]

5 Rushed Disney Projects

Today with all of the advanced technology that goes into new attractions and all of the study and thought that goes into new projects at the parks, it’d be no surprise to see Imagineers take years to put something together. However there have been instances where attractions and parks of the resorts were hastily thrown […]

A Brief History of Rose Gold

Rose Gold. It’s seemingly everywhere these days. The Disney parks are especially going through a period of Rose Gold mania, but even outside of Disney the color is experiencing a new wave of popularity. So what is Rose Gold, where did it come from, and why is it so popular? New here? Be sure to […]

A Defense for IPCOT: The New Future World

D23 is right around the corner and with it we may be getting confirmed details about the upcoming changes to Epcot. The current rumors are heavily pointing towards Future World getting new rides based on Disney IPs, and people aren’t happy. They’ve taken to calling the concept IPCOT. I’m here to talk about why IPCOT […]

A Quick Thank You

I’m not a fan of long speeches, so I wanted to keep it short. Whether Splashtacular was your first video, or you’ve been here since the Minecraft Disney days, I want to thank you all so much. Without YOU this channel would not be what it is today. It really does warm my heart to […]

Ajax and ACME: Fake Cartoon Companies

Subscriber Serena Campeau asks “I’ve been watching older Mickey Mouse shorts and a lot of them involve the name Ajax. What is the significance of this name regarding the Disney company?” It sounds a lot like the way Warner Brothers cartoons, would use ACME as a generic name for products and companies… because, well, that’s […]

Alcohol at Disneyland: The Letter vs Spirit of Walt’s Wishes

With the west coast Galaxy’s Edge being located in Disneyland, the news that Oga’s Cantina will be offering alcoholic drinks is a big deal, because with the opening of the cantina next year it will mark the first time in Disneyland’s history that alcohol will be sold to the general public. This decision directly conflicts […]