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The Carousel of Progress: Lumbago and Predicting Weather

Without fail, every 20 minutes or so, John Progress insists that the clothes on the line are safe from rain because his lumbago isn’t acting up. Every 20 minutes, he is wrong. Without knowing what it was or how it acts up, or how either would have anything to do with the rain, I decided […]

Searching for America’s First Monorail

What was America’s first monorail? It might seem like such a simple question would have an equally simple answer, but trying to find America’s first daily operating monorail depends on how you define not only “daily operating” but surprisingly enough, how you define “monorail”. New here? Be sure to subscribe! 🔷 My Patreon! ❤ My […]

Why Do We Throw Coins in Fountains?

Why do we throw coins into fountains? Every year, all over the world, we pepper everything from fountains to wells to even theme park rides with our coins. We do it because we want good luck. We do it because we want a wish to come true. In some cases, we do it to marry […]

A Look at Give Kids The World Village (Interview with Pam Landwirth)

Give Kids The World is a nonprofit organization that exists only to fulfill the wishes of critically ill children and their families from around the world to experience a memorable, joyful, cost-free visit to Central Florida’s attractions, and to enjoy the magic of Give Kids The World Village for as long as there is a […]

Disney World and Drones

With the recent opening of Rise of the Resistance at Walt Disney World, drones have once again made their way into Disney’s entertainment and the minds of guests who are thinking about the future of what the parks can offer. With that, however, some common misconceptions about Disney and the flying devices have resurfaced. So […]

Disney’s Unofficial Flags on Main Street USA

One of the supposed details for Main Street’s backstory is that it’s always the 4th of July. It’s meant to explain why the town is decorated in such a patriotic fashion. The street is adorned with red, white and blue bunting, and the rows of buildings are topped off with American flag after American flag. […]

What is Spaceship Earth Made Of?

Spaceship Earth, or as many around the world like to call it, the big golf ball, is no doubt an iconic part of not only Epcot, but Walt Disney World as a whole. What is Spaceship Earth made of? It’s made of a material called Alucobond, and today I’m going to talk about what it […]

Why Are Disney Turkey Legs So Big?

If you’ve been to the Disney parks within the last few decades, you’ve probably seen, and maybe even enjoyed, one of the now iconic giant turkey legs. Why are those turkey legs so big? THIS WEEK’S VIDEO IS SPONSORED BY YE OLDE PROPPE SHOPPE! ❄❄THIS HOLIDAY SEASON THROUGH ETSY: FREE SHIPPING ON ITEMS […]

Racing with the Sun at EPCOT Center: GM’s Sunrayce 1990

GM, having just won the inaugural World Solar Challenge, decided that rather than build another solar-powered car themselves, they’d sponsor three from the US. To find those lucky three cars, they’d hold their own race, named the GM Sunrayce USA, and it all started at EPCOT Center. New here? Be sure to subscribe! 🔷 My […]

Hulk Hogan’s TV Show at Disney World: Thunder in Paradise

We’ve all seen the occasional sitcom episode where the starring family takes a trip to Walt Disney World, but how about the time wrestler Hulk Hogan filmed an entire season of an action series at Walt Disney World? This is the story of Thunder in Paradise. New here? Be sure to subscribe! 🔷 My Patreon! […]