Park Ride History

The History of Horizons – (Mission: SPACE) | Epcot

Undoubtedly Epcot’s most popular demolished attraction, Horizons was a omnimover dark-ride housed in it’s future world section. Despite it’s late 90’s closure, Horizons remains a favorite amongst Epcot enthusiasts. Bonus Info: The submarine prop at 7:44 has since been removed, exact whereabouts are currently unknown: Song’s used: • Epcot Horizons Musical Score: • […]

The History of & Changes to Pirates of the Caribbean | Disneyland

In this video, we dive into the sea of history for Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean. Talking about everything from it’s initial concept to the recent changes that’ve happened within the last couple of months. Twitter: Special thanks to Matthew Heid for some extra info about the update at 10:13. Songs used: • Disneyland’s […]

The History of & Changes to ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter | Magic Kingdom

One of the most adult attractions ever brought to Magic Kingdom, Alien encounter was Disney’s most ambitious and innovative show ideas. It later proved itself to be a little too ambitious and closed after 8 years of operation due to it’s ongoing controversy. Art used: • • Soft opening binaural audio source: ( Songs […]

The History of a bug’s land | Disney’s California Adventure

“a bug’s land” at the Disney California Adventure was the parks first expansion. After opening in 2002 and operating for 16 years, the land has been permanently closed for an upcoming “Marvel Land”. This video chronicles it’s brief history and how it effected it’s home park, the California Adventure. Special thanks to @ScottGustin on Twitter […]

The History of & Changes to The Wonders of Life (Body Wars) | Epcot

The Wonders of Life was a health and fitness themed pavilion housed in Epcot Center. Since it’s opening in 1989, it’s impressed visitors with not only with it’s size but also it’s goal of trying to educate & entertain people. Videos Used: • ABANDONED BODY WARS RIDE NEVER BEFORE SEEN FOOTAGE (ABANDONED WONDERS OF LIFE […]

The History of & Changes to The Haunted Mansion Holiday | Disneyland

What better way to kick off our inaugural month of “Spooktober” than with a video I started working on almost a year ago?! In this video, I and the INFAMOUS Disney Dan will be going over the history and changes to Disneyland’s seasonal overlay for the Haunted Mansion. Also, big ups to Fastpass Facts for […]

The History of & Changes to The Tower of Terror | Disney’s California Adventure

Undoubtedly one of the best themed attractions Disney has ever created, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror was recently closed over in Disney’s California Adventure. Even though the attraction only operated for 14 years it’s still looked back fondly as one of Imagineering’s greatest accomplishments. Song’s used: • Big Thunder Mountain DLP Queue Loop (Source): […]

The History of The Haunted Mansion Movie (2003)

Today, we’re getting kooky, and we’re getting spooky with 2003’s “The Haunted Mansion”. Taking a look at the backstory behind the movie, and how many of the changes throughout it’s production left us with a very different kind of film. A very special thanks to Mark from Yesterworld for joining in on the conversion. And […]

The History of & Changes to Dueling Dragons | Islands of Adventure

Dueling Dragons was a set of B&M inverted rollercoasters located in the Lost Continent section of Islands of Adventure. The attraction quickly gained notoriety as well as a sizable following among coaster enthusiasts shortly after it’s debut in the park. This video compiles the attraction’s 18 years worth of development and updates, leading up to […]

The History of The Phantom Manor | Disneyland Paris

Our final look at The Haunted Mansion takes us all the way out to Paris, Disneyland Paris that is. To a unique version of the attraction called “The Phantom Manor”. The manor presents an entirely new storyline throughout it. One that we’ll be diving into with this video… Also a very big thanks to everyone […]