Park Ride History

The Differences Between: Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean

Out of the many version’s of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, the version at the Magic Kingdom has always stood out to me as one of the stranger examples of a cloned Disney attraction. Specifically, the lack of similarities those two attractions have despite being made within a few years of one another. In this video […]

The History of & Changes to Maelstrom (OLD VERSION) | Epcot

EDIT (5/7/2018): I recently redid this video with more information and better narration. Please watch that version instead_ https_// In honor of Epcot’s “Maelstrom” a Norwegian themed dark-ride that recently closed. I made a tribute video about the rides past and present and also discussed the changes made to the attraction when it was converted […]

The History of & Changes to The Hall of Presidents | Magic Kingdom

In this video, we’ll be taking a look at Disney’s “Hall of Presidents”. An attraction originally slated as part of their cancelled “Liberty Street” expansion for Disneyland in the late 1960’s. We’ll also be following how exactly the attraction was changed to fit The Magic Kingdom and what all was altered in the years after […]

PRH 2018 Update [READ DESC]

Hey kids, Jack here. Apologies for making you have to read all this instead of just listening to it. I just wanted to get this info out as soon as possible and having to record it a few hundred takes so the audio sounds good would take too long (plus I’m currently about waist-high in […]

The Millenium Celebration | Keep Epcot Weird Ep. 1

In this first installment of “Keep Epcot Weird” we’ll be taking a look at The Millennium Celebration, a 15 month long event hosted at Epcot. The event that brought us Leave a Legacy, the Epcot Wand, The Tapestry of Nations parade, Millennium Village and Illuminations: Reflections of Earth. • Merch: • Patreon: • […]

The History of Leave a Legacy (The Epcot Stones)

In this brief “history of” video, we talk about the Leave a Legacy program and it’s sculptures that can be found in Epcot’s entrance plaza. We also discuss how and why they got there, and what their future might look like within the next couple of years. Twitter_ https_// Song Used_ • Epcot | Entrance […]

The Robots of EPCOT Center | Keep Epcot Weird Ep. 2

In the second installment of Keep Epcot Weird, we’ll be checking out the many different robots that could be found at the park, from the walkaround characters to ones you could only see inside attractions. We’ll also be discussing what all happened to some of the ones who were removed as well. And if you […]

The History of & Changes to Maelstrom (Frozen Ever After) | Epcot

The long awaited “Remastered” version of The History of & Changes to Maelstrom video. I had been meaning to remake the original video for some time now, considering the fact that it was my first video and didn’t exactly hold up quality-wise compared to some of my more recent ones. Now completed with even more […]

A Tribute to Disney’s Community of Tomorrow (The Origins of EPCOT Center)

Epcot has been my favorite Disney World park for quite a while now, but what I’ve always found more fascinating than the park is it’s backstory, and how when it was first conceptualized, wasn’t even meant to be a theme park. This tribute video traces back the idea to Walt Disney, then follows it’s evolution […]

Kitchen Kabaret and Food Rocks | Keep Epcot Weird Ep. 3

In this episode of Keep Epcot Weird we’ll be taking a bite out of Kitchen Kabaret, an opening day animatronic stage show at Epcot. This show was later replaced by a similar one named Food Rocks, both of which were educational in nature but still very, very strange… • Merch: • Patreon: • […]