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A Tribute to Disney’s Community of Tomorrow (The Origins of EPCOT Center)

Epcot has been my favorite Disney World park for quite a while now, but what I’ve always found more fascinating than the park is it’s backstory, and how when it was first conceptualized, wasn’t even meant to be a theme park. This tribute video traces back the idea to Walt Disney, then follows it’s evolution […]

Kitchen Kabaret and Food Rocks | Keep Epcot Weird Ep. 3

In this episode of Keep Epcot Weird we’ll be taking a bite out of Kitchen Kabaret, an opening day animatronic stage show at Epcot. This show was later replaced by a similar one named Food Rocks, both of which were educational in nature but still very, very strange… • Merch: • Patreon: • […]

PRH 2018 Update [READ DESC]

Hey kids, Jack here. Apologies for making you have to read all this instead of just listening to it. I just wanted to get this info out as soon as possible and having to record it a few hundred takes so the audio sounds good would take too long (plus I’m currently about waist-high in […]

PRH 2019 Update [READ DESC]

Hey kids, Jack again. Apologies in advance for another “blog post” instead of just talking for the update video. Honestly, typing this all out is just a lot quicker than going through the whole rigamaroo of recording and editing a video. Especially since I’m just explaining a few things. Don’t worry, I’ll try and keep […]

Strange Shows | Keep Epcot Weird Ep. 4

Pull up a seat, everyone. Because today we’re looking at some of the strangest shows ever hosted at Epcot. Including the Skyleidescope, Daredevil Circus, Splashtacular and even Magical World of Barbie. • Merch: • Patreon: • Twitter: • Instagram: Music Used: • Epcot Entrance Area Music – Complete Loop (1982): […]

The Differences Between: Disney’s Haunted Mansion

In today’s video, we’re gonna be comparing the two domestic versions of the classic Disney dark-ride The Haunted Mansion. Twitter: Song’s Used (in order!): • Haunted Mansion foyer organ extended loop: • Future World Soundtrack – Epcot: • TDFP: Haunted Mansion, ‘Doom Buggy Boarding Music’: • Spooky Music – The Alchemist’s […]

The Differences Between: Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean

Out of the many version’s of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, the version at the Magic Kingdom has always stood out to me as one of the stranger examples of a cloned Disney attraction. Specifically, the lack of similarities those two attractions have despite being made within a few years of one another. In this video […]

The Evolution of Space Mountain

Today, we’re taking a look at the very first ‘Space Mountain’ attraction Disney opened. We’ll be tracing the story back to it’s origins as a Disneyland dark-ride all the way to it’s final version as The Magic Kingdom’s first thrill ride that opened in 1975. • Merch: • Patreon: • Twitter: • […]

The History of & Changes to Dueling Dragons | Islands of Adventure

Dueling Dragons was a set of B&M inverted rollercoasters located in the Lost Continent section of Islands of Adventure. The attraction quickly gained notoriety as well as a sizable following among coaster enthusiasts shortly after it’s debut in the park. This video compiles the attraction’s 18 years worth of development and updates, leading up to […]

The History of & Changes to ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter | Magic Kingdom

One of the most adult attractions ever brought to Magic Kingdom, Alien encounter was Disney’s most ambitious and innovative show ideas. It later proved itself to be a little too ambitious and closed after 8 years of operation due to it’s ongoing controversy. Art used: • • Soft opening binaural audio source: ( Songs […]