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The Disneyland Hotel Wasn’t Always Owned by Disney

Did you know that up until 1988 Disney didn’t actually own the Disneyland Hotel, and that Disney’s plan to buy it ultimately lead to the creation of Tokyo DisneySea? Strange path from A to Z, right? New here? Be sure to subscribe! 🔷 My Patreon! ❤ My Disney Podcast! 🎧 Follow me on Twitter! 📱

What Lands Would a NEW Disneyland Get?

One element of Disneyland that I loved learning about years ago was that the original four lands of the park were essentially reflective of four popular film genres at the time. These lands appealed to guests because they were settings and concepts that they were already familiar with thanks to the movies they watched. That […]

Why Does Disney World Take Your Fingerprint?

A common question asked by Disney newcomers who are visiting the parks for the first time or maybe researching before their upcoming first trip is “Why does Disney scan your fingerprint?” So today I’m going to talk about just that. How Disney scans your fingerprint, why they do it, and what implications it might have […]

Disney’s Failed Trash Plant: The Solid Waste Energy Conversion Plant

While Walt’s original dream of EPCOT died with him, Walt Disney Productions would go on to build his Florida resort and in the process they would still experiment with new ways to build and maintain the property. In the 1980s one of those experiments would be a new power plant co-funded by the US government. […]

Disney’s CMO: Chief Magic Official

It was January of 2008 and Disney was in the midst of their Year of a Million Dreams marketing campaign. As the name of the campaign implies, it involved giving away one million dreams (or prizes) over the course of a year. One of them, done in partnership with CareerBuilder was earning the role of […]

it’s a small world Could Be Worse

A lot of people joke about how riding it’s a small world can be a nightmare. What most people don’t realize is that it could be much, much worse. New here? Be sure to subscribe! 🔷 My Disney Podcast! 🎧 Follow me on Twitter! 📱

Did Poor Layout Help Close Pleasure Island at Walt Disney World?

Pleasure Island at Walt Disney World was a six acre man-made island in Downtown Disney that featured a number of nightclubs where guests looking to keep their vacation going could drink, dance and celebrate new years eve every evening. After almost 20 years the island finally closed its doors. Was poor planning on Disney’s part […]

Cross Country via Disney Ride Vehicles!

Ever wonder how long it would take to travel between Walt Disney World and Disneyland in various Disney ride vehicles? Me neither, but I researched it anyway! New here? Be sure to subscribe! 🔷 My Patreon! ❤ My Disney Podcast! 🎧 Follow me on Twitter! 📱

The Time Comcast Tried to Buy Disney

The Walt Disney Company is no stranger to acquisitions. In fact, between Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars and Fox, the idea of Disney buying up company after company has become a bit of a running joke over the last decade. However, it was wasn’t too long ago that it was Disney themselves who were at risk […]

What Was The Disney Stop?

When you think of Disney and Main Street, you probably think of the original classic Main Street USA in Disneyland, or perhaps the follow-up version in Orlando Florida. However did you know that for just under a year, on a little known project, we almost got a Disney Main Street in South Carolina? New here? […]