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Phantom Manor Changes and Comparison

Today we’ll be looking at every change that came to the Phantom Manor after it was refurbished, from Vincent Price’s narration to the new Phantom animatronic! Hope you enjoy! Video Credit:

Abandoned Disney Animatronics

We’ve talked about abandoned Disney attractions, now we’ll tell you about 5 audio-animatronics that have been abandoned by Disney. Animatronics featured: Sea Serpent/Giant Squid from 20000 leagues under the sea Max from Country Bear Jamboree Various Animatronics from Horizons Animatronic Animals Mine train thru Nature’s Wonderland Hitchhiking Ghosts from the Haunted Mansion Check out these […]

Disney’s Retired Animatronics 4

Today we’re happy to bring you the last part of this video series and talk about another 5 retired Disney animatronics. This time we featured: Bonnie Appetite from Kitchen Kabaret S.I.R and the alien From Alien Encounter Sam the Eagle from America Sings The Phantom from Phantom Manor Iago and Zazu from Tiki Room Under […]

The Evolution of Oswald The Lucky Rabbit

Today, we teamed up with Mr. Cheezy Pop to talk about everyone’s favorite rabbit, Oswald! Take a look at Oswald the Lucky Rabbit’s history, evolution and how he came back to Disney! Also, join us on May 19th because we’ll be attending Black and White day in Disney California Adventure, a special celebration of Oswald […]