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Top 5 Disneyland magic shop secrets and facts

Everybody knows that Disneyland is the most magical place on Earth. It is full of magic in every single corner, and one of the most magical places is right at the start of Main street! We’re talking about the amazing Main Street Magic Shop! That’s why Fastpass Facts brings to you… 5 secrets you need […]

Disney Parks Haunted Mazes

Disney has always focused on the cute, friendly part of Halloween. But that’s not always the case! Let’s take a look at Disney’s Haunted Mazes!! Our Store! IG @fastpassfacts

Abandoned Disney Animatronics

We’ve talked about abandoned Disney attractions, now we’ll tell you about 5 audio-animatronics that have been abandoned by Disney. Animatronics featured: Sea Serpent/Giant Squid from 20000 leagues under the sea Max from Country Bear Jamboree Various Animatronics from Horizons Animatronic Animals Mine train thru Nature’s Wonderland Hitchhiking Ghosts from the Haunted Mansion Check out these […]

The History and Facts of Mr Toad’s Wild Ride at Disneyland and Walt Disney World

Today we’re going to explore the history and facts of Mr Toad’s Wild Ride at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. Join our Discord Server Do you want more videos weekly? Become a Patreon Today

Disney Secret Society part 2

There’s a secret society hiding in plain sight in Disney parks all around the world! Last week we talked about some rides that are connected to this society, today let’s take a look at the restaurants around Disney parks that have a connection to its members!

Top 5 Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Animatronics

Today we’re going to talk about 5 amazing Galaxy’s Edge Animatronics, Plan your next Vacation today with our friends from pixievacations: Today’s featured Animatronics: DJ R3X 8D-J8 Dok-Ondar Hondo Ohnaka Also watch our other Animatronics Series Retired Animatronics 1 Retired Animatronics 2 Retired Animatronics 3 Retired Animatronics 4 Retired Animatronics 5 Abandoned Animatronics

Top 5 Disneyland Tips Vol 4 ( disneyland secrets facts )

Please watch: “Top 5 Facts about Disneyland Main street electrical parade” -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- We all know that Disneyland is the happiest place on earth and the most magical too, so its full of secret things that not many people know you can do! Thats why fastpass facts brings to you, 5 things you must […]

The Haunted Mansion History and Real Origins

Today we explore the history and Real Origins of the Haunted Mansion Do you Want an awesome Disney Parks replica sign? Check out the link below! New here? Be sure to subscribe! Our Patreon! Our Store! Follow me on Twitter! Tweets by fastpassfacts Join Our Discord Almost everyone knows […]

Amazing things coming to Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge is closer than we think! So today let’s take a look at all of the amazing things that are coming to Star Wars Land! Special thanks to DisneyExaminer! Go check out their page!

Top 5 facts about Indiana Jones at Disneyland (Indiana Jones Ride 2017)

Special thanks to our Patreon Mikaele Hamada! The best Disneyland facts only at fastpass facts, top 5 facts about indiana jones adventure ride 2017 Today, we’ll take you far away, to a cursed temple where you will have to escape many dangers, with the help of the only man who’s brave enough to face them… […]